Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229.









1 ANO (AD) A-1: (Manual of Aerodrome Standards)    
2 ANO (AD) A-3 :(Manual on Preparation of Aerodrome Manual)    
3 ANO (AD) A-5 :(Manual on Aerodrome Safety Management System)    
4 ANO (AD) A-6 (Manual on Standards for the Competence of Operational and Maintenance Personnel)    
5 ANO (AD) A-7 :(Manual on the Runway Incursions and Collision Avoidance)    

Civil Aviation Procedure Document (CPD)

1 Civil Aviation Procedure Document On Adaptation of ICAO Requirements & Rule Making Process (CPD)-30    

Civil Aviation Procedure Document on Resolution

of Safety Concerns (CPD)-31


Civil Aviation Procedure Document on Methodology in Determining Staffing Needs


4 Civil Aviation Procedure. Document on Charter of Duties, Functions & Responsibilities (Job. Description). CPD-33    
5 Civil Aviation Procedure Document on Exemptions (CPD-39)    

Advisory Circular

1 AC (AD)-01: Aeronautical Studies    
2 AC (AD)-02: Guidelines for issue of Aerodrome Certificate    
3 AC (AD)-03: Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics    
4 AC (AD)-04: Standardized Method of Reporting Airport Pavement Strength - PCN    
5 AC (AD)-06: Surface Movement Guidance and Control System    
6 CAC-14-07: Aerodrome Wildlife Hazard Mitigation & Management System    
8 AC (AD)-08: Human Factor Principle In Aviation    
9 AC (AD)-09: Process To Survey And Verify The Accuracy And Integrity Of An Aerodrome Data And Publication Thereof    
10 AC (AD)-10: Hazardous Non-aeronautical Ground Lights / LASER Emitter Near The Aerodrome    
11 AC (AD)-11: Procedures To Evaluate The Impact On Safety By The Proposed Change In The Physical Characteristics, Facilities Or Equipment At An Aerodrome    
12 CAC-14-12: Establishment And Implementation Of System In Aerodrome Operations    
13 AC (AD)-13: Integration of International Aviation Security (AVSEC) Measures into Designs and Constructions of New Facilities and alterations to Existing Facilities    
14 AC (AD)-14: Aerodrome Maintenance Manual    
15 AC (AD)-15: Disable Aircraft Removal Plan    




1 Aerodrome Inspection checklist 3.0    
2 Aerodrome Inspection checklist 2.0    
3 Aerodrome Inspection Checklist 1.0    

Surveillance Inspection Program


Surveillance Inspection Program 2023-2024


Surveillance Inspection Program 2022-2023


Inspector Hand Book

1 IHB-14