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* Flight Information (Departure/Arrival)
* Live Flight Tracking from

Domestic :
* Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh(তথ্য বাতায়ন)
* Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism

* Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (National Tourism Organization)
* Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited
* Hotels International Limited

* Bangladesh Hajj Management Portal
     * Daily Hajj Bulletin
     * Flight Schedule
Flight Status

* Ministry of Finance
* ICT Division
* Birth Registration (Use Internet Explorer Browser)
* National Board of Revenue (NBR)
* e-TIN Registration (Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Browser)

* Immigration
* Embarkation Fees
* Ministry of Planning
* Planning Commission
* Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU)
* Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL)
* Bangladesh Railway

International :
* ICAO Headquarters
* ICAO Asia/Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok
* COSCAP South Asia